Our Mission

Alcohol is a central part of our lives. We use it in so many ways, to celebrate, to socialise, to relax or just to cope. Although toxic to
humans, alcohol is legal, socially acceptable, even encouraged.

In the UK one person every hour dies as a result of alcohol. Alcohol
misuse causes mental health problems, liver disease, one of seven forms
of cancer, economic difficulties, and so much more. It can affect any
one of us, at any age and from any walk of life.

The harm doesn’t end there, because every one of us who drinks too
much, is part of a family or a community. The consequences of our
drinking causes misery to all. The long term effects of frequent use of
emergency services, outcomes of drink driving and unforeseen violence
and neglect.

We believe that sufferers have the right to receive high-quality treatment whenever they need it, without shame or stigma.

We believe that those affected by another’s addictive behaviour have
the right to receive support and should be involved fully in their loved
one’s treatment and recovery.

We will campaign for three key changes…

  •  Increased public understanding about addiction
  • Better policies and regulation
  • More support and better treatment.

The Team


Chip has worked in the field of addiction and substance misuse for over 34 years. He has set up two charities associated with this issue.

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I became involved with Share Shrewsbury as a result of being the President of Shrewsbury Severn Rotary Club in the same year that Jane was Mayor of Shrewsbury.

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As the founder of Share, I am proud to have established a charity to support everyone affected by addiction in our local community.

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My name is Iulian, I came to the UK in 2016 and I’ve lived in Shrewsbury since then. My whole childhood was spent in different orphanages in Romania.

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Matt is committed to enabling people to turn their lives around and make a new start. He is the Managing Director of the Willowdene group.

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My name is Max, I am in recovery from alcoholism and have been for almost 18 months having dramatically changed my habit patterns and lifestyle over that time.

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Susan Tweedie is a driven compassionate reliable friendly person. Susan has considerable experience in the health sector, with over 30 years as a Registered Nurse and Midwife.

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